What is Microsoft DataVerse?

Microsoft DataVerse allows developers to securely store and access business entities and data which can be used in Dynamics 365 business applications.

DataVerse stores business data in the form of Tables (Entities) where each table contains rows of data. And each row has columns(fields) which represent the data that is stored.

It used to be known as Common Data Service (CDS) until recently and Microsoft has renamed it as Microsoft DataVerse.

What is the use of DataVerse?

DataVerse acts as the backbone of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform applications and allows developers to customize apps using entities.

Developers can utilize the existing set of standard tables available and customize them, or can create new tables as per their business requirements.

Customization of tables involves adding new columns, customizing properties of existing columns, changing the layout of the forms, adding relationships among tables etc.

How to make use of DataVerse?

Developers can use the existing standard tables available within Dynamics 365 apps using DataVerse and extend them as per customer requirements.

The standard behavior of Dynamics 365 apps such as Sales, Customer Service, Field service can be customized to fit customer requirements.

For example, with the help of DataVerse developers can customize Dynamics 365 Sales apps to make it use in a different industry domain such as hospital or educational institute.

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